5 sex positions most women hate


There are a couple of sex positions that most women hate, that men are not even aware of.

Interestingly, women, in a bid not to stroke a man’s ego will pretend to love these sex styles although they wish it can be completely exempted from their sex routines.

The fun fact is, that these are the exact positions that most men love, and these are the situations that result in women faking orgasms.

Let’s take a look at them below as shared by YouTuber Jessica:

Doggy style

Most women hate the ‘doggy style’ position because men with bigger penises can go deeper, faster and harder and it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

There’s also some awkwardness that comes with watching your own boobs fly all over the place in this sex position, and this Isn’t designed to make a woman feel sexy. For the thicker women, they even see their stomach fat (fupa) undulating in the wind.


Cowgirl is the best sex position for women who want to be in control as they control how deep, fast, or hard they want to go.

However, this position is often an utter disaster during sex as most women do not exceed 5 minutes of being in control. One or two humps and they feel extremely exhausted. Plus, if a woman is insecure in her skin, she might not relish the idea of the man being in the dreaded upward angle spot, where he can get a perfect view of her ‘imperfections’.

While some researchers have stated that cowgirl is the best sex position for women to achieve orgasm, the readers of Women’s Heath might disagree because they’ve included a variation of it in their list of the least pleasurable sexual positions.


The missionary position is the standard, classic position when it comes to sex, but it’s not always enjoyable for women.

Some women feel uncomfortable with their back rubbing off the sheets for a long time, especially when the men take a longer time to cum.

In some instances, some men put all their weight on their women and if he is heavy on the side, this could be extremely uncomfortable.

Also, for ‘smaller men’, it’s hard to thrust in deeper in the standard missionary position and this doesn’t guarantee orgasms.


69 is a sex position that most women dislike, but just like the idea of it, because everyone feels like they have to try.

The problem with 69 is that partners are so worried about getting themselves at the right angle that they aren’t paying attention to the head they are giving or receiving.

Truth is, oral sex is a joy but 69 makes it a chore.

Shower sex

Some women hate having sex in the shower because the bathroom doesn’t facilitate swift movements or holding their partners while simultaneously attempting to thrust. There’s just not a lot to grab hold of to steady oneself.

NB: While some people have issues about these sex styles, others are very much comfortable with each of them.

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