African Games: Abeiku Jackson wins silver in swimming

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Ghanaian swimmer Abeiku Gyekye Jackson has secured a silver medal at the African Games – Accra 2023, marking a significant achievement for both himself and Ghana.

Jackson’s remarkable performance occurred in the Men’s 50m Butterfly race, which took place at the Aquatic Centre of the Borteyman Sports Complex.

At just 24 years old, Jackson showcased his prowess in the pool, completing the race with an impressive time of 24.23 seconds. While he narrowly missed out on the gold medal, he demonstrated exceptional skill and determination throughout the competition.

Jackson’s silver medal places him as the second Ghanaian athlete to achieve a podium finish in the tournament, adding to the nation’s growing success in the sporting arena.

In the closely contested race, Jackson was surpassed by Egyptian competitor Ali Khalafalla, who clinched the gold with a lightning-fast time of 23.93 seconds.

South Africa’s Jarden Eaten secured the bronze medal with a time of 24.42 seconds.

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