ECG to Disconnect Minsitry of Finance


The Ministry of Finance is facing disconnection from the national grid by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) due to an outstanding debt of over to GHc1 million.

For the past ten months, the Ministry has been consuming electricity without making payments, resulting in an accumulation of GH1,025,918.00 in unpaid bills.

ECG has over the last few months embarked on an exercise to ensure persons and institutions that use their services pay for it.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance is said to have failed to release funds to various municipal and district assemblies to settle their electricity debts.

Sources within the ECG indicate that the issue needs to be addressed promptly, prompting the decision to disconnect the Ministry of Finance as a signal to authorities. reports that a team from the ECG is scheduled to engage with Dr. Amin Adam, the new Minister for Finance, in an effort to reach a resolution.

Furthermore, the ECG is actively pursuing Ghana’s Parliament over a separate GHc23 million debt owed to the power distributor.

The national task force of the ECG has stated that Parliament will face disconnection if the debt remains unsettled.


Source: citinewsroom

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