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It’s just my nose. 
The news of the sack of some of the MMDCEs of this administration came as a shock to many. But you may wonder why some of us are not surprised at all.
I have personally been asking for the honourable resignation of some of the appointees of HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo. When that failed, I started voicing that the president should use his ‘firing’ powers to get rid of some of them. This does not go for just the MMDCEs but even some ministers and deuputies. We have seen so much arrogance, disrespect and ill faith from some of them that we feel the whole system is as useless as they were to public interest.
Not that the ‘downfall of a man’ makes me happy but I am particularly thankful to the president of relieving the Hon. DCE for South Tongu of his duties.
It is fresh in our minds how the DCe shot into prominence after the devastating incident of the Dam spillage and what it came with. Thousands of people were displaced in the three Tongu districts of the Volta Region. The abilities of leaders were called to urgent unplanned use. It was such a time that the core of leadership, providing solutions to problems, was made clear to many. It brought the very urgent question of economics and management into play: ‘What would you do with the scarce resources to solve the many problems?’. Every leader is faced with these and similar questions.
We remember what he said and his demeanour. Some of us were marvelled. I remember the first question I asked a colleague when I first heard what he said. ‘Is this a DCE? How was he nominated by the president? Or he too was one of the boys who must be given a job, no matter what?’ I did not believe it until I watched the video. Not doctored, not edited.
To say that the assembly had no money and so was not able to distribute relief items to affected victims sounded to many as ‘blatant truth’. Truth be told, it sounded to me as ‘arrogant laziness’.
We know there may not be money for the distribution. That could be true but should it end there? What if there were perishables? How did the other constituencies get fuel to do the distribution?
I believe the DCE was not creative enough. These problems require additional thinking in addition to just spending. A creative mind, such as a leader should possess, would find a way to deal with the situation without the outburst we witnessed with the DCE.
Couldn’t he have done any of the following:
1. Ask the various communities to help the assembly by picking their own items?
2. Ask for assistance from the owners of the fuelling stations through their managers? This I believe some of the fuelling stations will agree to help, looking at how dire the people need help.
3. The assembly can use the media in the constituency to put up a quick campaign for funds. Ask individuals, businesses and even religious organizations within the territory for help. I believe that within a week, some people will come and around to help. Here is where you use even the information centers around. I say people will be willing to help. See how moved people will feel when the whole DCE of their assembly is part of such campaign, making the talks, seeing in business premises asking for help. That would really tell the people there is no money in the assembly. But more importantly, it will convince them that their leaders care so much for them.
4. Could he not have written to the regional co-ordinating council asking for help, since the council and its leadership knew there was no money in the South Tongu assembly?
If he did all of these and no help came, we can safely say ‘this man force before oo’.
Well, a friend of mine said some other DCEs were lucky not to be fired. They mentioned the MCE for Ketu South. What did he do, Abdul-Iddrisu Faisel?
Now I have this to say to the president. I do not know why it took you so long to take action on some of these lazy and directionless appointees but I hope what you did to the 24 MMDCEs you will do same to about just 10 of your ministers, deputies, board chairmen and CEOs. Whatever reasons you find in getting rid of these ones, I am sure you can find same and more in those ones too.
Honourable Seth Kwesi Agbi, you may be very good in some other field, but I see this DCE job is not your calling.
And oh, in case you don’t agree to this my non sylla just remember it is my nose and you have yours too.
In case you have forgotten, you can watch the video in which he made those famous statements here
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