Footages from Alakple Easter Festivities

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Alakple is one of the most important towns in Anloland of the Volta region of Ghana. The Chiefs and the indigenes celebrated their annual Easter festivities starting from Friday 7th April, 2023, with one of their cultural activities; Kloloklolo. Kloloklolo is said to be an event that the people of Alakple use to remember how their forefathers entered and founded Alakple.

Their forefathers had to disguise themselves to outwit wild animals in order for them to enter the forest which was then on the land which is currently the Alaklple land. So, therefore, indigenes currently disguise themselves in the process of Kloloklolo to remember their forebearers.

The footage below shares some of the processes of Kloloklolo as Afenya Media had the opportunity to be part of this year’s Easter festivities of Chiefs and people of Alaklpe.

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