Kofi Koranteng promises to review constitution to reduce presidential powers

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Mr. Kofi Koranteng, a presidential candidate hopeful of the New Vision Movement, has declared his intention to change the constitution if elected in the 2024 election.

His goal is to strip the president of excessive powers, which he believes have been detrimental under the leadership of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Koranteng stated, “The executive has too much power, and we have seen, based on the performance of President Akufo-Addo, that it’s a huge mistake and risk to give the president that much power.”

He emphasized the need to make the president an ordinary citizen to ensure more thoughtful decision-making.

Mr. Koranteng criticized the president’s authority to appoint key officials, including the Inspector General of Police, the Chair of the Electoral Commission, and the Auditor General.

He argued that these positions should not be appointed by the president to avoid any potential loyalty conflicts. Instead, he proposed that such office holders should be appointed by the Public Service Commission.

If elected, Mr. Koranteng plans to implement a science-based approach to governance, drawing on successful models from other economies.

He expressed frustration with the current system, where each leader follows their own policy and manifesto. To address this, he aims to institute a national development plan that all leaders must adhere to in building the nation.

Mr. Koranteng’s three key policies are: changing the constitution, eradicating corruption, and instituting a national development plan.

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