Parliament adopts new standing order


Parliament has adopted a new standing order, with a roll call to be taken every day at the beginning of each sitting after prayers.

The house had been using the old Standing Order since November 2000 until today, February 6.

The new Standing Order, derived from the constitution, aims to guide the house and make amendments to close the gaps that existed in the old Standing Orders.

At the commencement of today’s sitting, the house implemented the new Standing Orders, which include a roll call of all MPs at the beginning of every sitting each day after prayers.

Aside from the above, some other amendments have been made, including the division of the Finance committee, which had 25 members, into three: the Committee on Economy, Committee on Finance, and Committee on Planning.

The Committee on Economy will deal with matters of the economy, the Finance committee will focus on finance, and the Committee on Planning will focus on planning, and so on.

The committee of Defense and Interior has also been divided.

In an interview with the Deputy Minority Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, he stated, “After practicing this (the old Standing Orders) for a long time, we see the need to be able to divide most of the committees.”

He further explained, “Membership of finance, which used to be 25, has been reduced to 15. Thirteen for the Economy committee and thirteen for Planning. The same applies to the Communication committee, Defense and Interior, Local Government, and others.”

Additionally, the national anthem will be recited at the commencement of each sitting every week.

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